Vendor Managed Inventory

Considering vendor managed inventory? Our products include: cutting tools; fasteners; bonded, coated, and super abrasives; band saw blades; vibratory and deburring equipment; coolants; and products relative to material handling and safety. We represent more than 750 top manufacturers and maintain a multi-million-dollar inventory.

Our customers recognize us as a service driven organization. They appreciate that we listen to them in order to understand their needs. Our strength is our flexibility to maintain programs of all sizes, whether you are a one-man job shop or a multi-shift automotive production facility.

Reasons to Consider Choosing a VMI Program with Haggard & Stocking:


Our vending expertise spans from RFID portals to bar-coded cabinets with Scansys ordering, in addition to helical and drawer vending machines. We also offer B2B and e-commerce sites, which can be fully customized to your ordering needs, as well as full EDI and EFT capabilities.

From increased efficiency to flexible reporting at month end (or even real time!), Haggard & Stocking offers a variety of semi- and fully-automated solutions to help you track usage and spending, minimize downtime, keep day to day operations running smoothly.

Cost Savings

Haggard & Stocking specializes in creating real cost reductions through product consolidation and process improvements. We learn your business inside and out so that we can provide you with truly optimized products. Essentially we help our customers reduce their total operating costs by reducing the number of vendors they use enhancing their inventory managment and standardizing products across multiple applications.

"Hands Off" Procurement

Our VMI experts apply proven methods, customized to match your business’s needs and goals. No matter the scale of your operation, we can handle it! We have the ability to fully manage your MRO product needs, from monitoring product usage, to placing orders, to vendor evaluation.

We also maintain a delivery fleet, offer on-site staffing, and have minority programs available. If you think your company is ready to move to a vendor managed inventory program, or you still have questions, contact Haggard & Stocking to find out how we can serve you!

Haggard & Stocking Also Does Tooling!

Haggard & Stocking’s sales personnel provide our customers “Process Enhancements” via tool selection and their application. Supported by an array of manufacturers, H&S is focused on “Continuous Improvement” initiatives to support customer machining efficiencies and productivity. New products and technologies such as coatings, base materials and edge preparations are introduced to our customers as soon as they are available from manufacturers. Haggard & Stocking’s experience with finding solutions for our customer’s complex machining challenges are daily occurrences. Whether it’s a size, finish, positioning, tolerance or other concern covering a wide range of materials from stainless & titanium to ductile and cast iron, we are committed to assisting our customers in achieving optimum results!