5 Gallon ECOCOOL SYN Water Miscible Cutting & Grinding Fluid

ECOCOOL SYN 7060 is a moderate duty synthetic cutting and grinding fluid. Its outstanding properties of lubricity, pH stability, corrosion protection, tramp oil rejection, detergency, mix stability in hard water, and very low foam make it perfect for cutting, grinding, drilling, tapping, milling, sawing, and other applications on ferrous metals. It is not recommended for brass or other copper alloys.

ECOCOOL SYN 7060 affords excellent rust protection to preserve parts and equipment. It is ideal for high pressure (>1000 psi) fluid delivery applications.

ECOCOOL SYN 7060 rejects tramp oil and quickly settles fines for a clean running operation.

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  • Item Code: ECO COOL-SYN 7060
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  • Mfg Part #: 601943522
  • Brand: Fuchs

Unit Size: 1

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Brand Fuchs
Container Size 5 Gallon

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