jeff-hSome of you may be aware that I have been on a big health kick since I had an awakening at my 50th birthday. Even though I was a high school and college athlete I had let myself get completely out of shape and over weight. I knew that I was not leading a healthy life and needed to do something to make a change. Unfortunately, I not only was making excuses but I was constantly looking for the easy way to achieve what was completely becoming, in my opinion, an unreadable goal of fitness. I was giving up!

It wasn’t until my “awakening” that I realized I needed to just buckle down and do it. Really there is no quick fix or easy answer. However, the answer is simple — eat right and exercise more. A friend of mine introduced me to the CrossFit movement and I joined our local CrossFit gym. I was introduced to a community of gym rats that worked together, encouraged each other and pushed each other. One belief that we constantly talk about is working with “virtuosity”.

Most know virtuosity to be defined in the dictionary as:

Great technical skill or captivating personal style, especially as exhibited in the arts.

In a 2005 open letter to CrossFit trainers, Coach Greg Glassman discusses the importance of virtuosity , defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well”. In the gym nothing we do is fancy. A lot of the exercises are quite simple. The only machines in the gym are rowing machines. We just go at it with a passion and intensity. We try to do the common uncommonly well. It works!! I am much healthier, happier and in better shape with a great weight loss and still working passionately.

I believe that we can have the same success at work if we work with “Virtuosity.” Our customers can get what we sell from a lot of our competitors. We have to be better. We have to do the common uncommonly well. Work with a passion and work with intensity to the best of your ability. We need to push each other to be better. We need to encourage each other in our work and our successes. Keep chipping away to be better every day and we will see success. It works. I am thankful you are all a part of my work gym and my teammates.

Jeff Haggard

Vice President of Sales