Haggard & Stocking knows how much our customers rely on quality chemical products to provide reliable machining performance as well as maintain a safe, healthy work environment. That’s why we provide brands you trust at a value that can’t be matched. Our chemical product offering includes:

  • Adhesives & sealants: spray adhesives, epoxies, putty, thread locker, silicones, welding compound
  • Cleaners: all purpose, food grade, industrial grade, electronic, degreasers, detergents & bleach, disinfectants, soaps
  • Lubricants & machining fluids: coolants & cutting fluids, grease sticks, hydraulic oil, gear oil, graphite, anti-seize, penetrants
  • Paints & marking fluids: markers & crayons, layout fluid & remover, marking paint, rust-proofing paint, maintenance paint
Let the technology and experience come to you. Contact Haggard & Stocking to schedule a consultation or get a quote. Whatever the scope of your needs, we’ll make sure you get the right products at a great price.