Celebrating 45 Years

jeff-hWhat do Atari Pong, HBO, Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow and Haggard & Stocking have in common? Have it figured out? If you guessed that they were all born in 1972 and turn 45 years old this year then you are correct.

A lot has changed in those 45 years. We started out as a two-man operation focusing on only special engineered cutting tools, working out of a small leased space office. In a short period of time we grew large enough to purchase a small one bedroom house in Beech Grove, which we converted to our first owned offices. The lobby and CSR offices were the family room with the garage being the warehouse. I clearly remember being excited when we grew large enough to have a need to purchase storage sheds for additional storage. We moved into our current location in 1982.

Today we have 7 buildings in our Indianapolis location. We no longer ONLY sell special blueprint tooling, although we have worked hard to maintain that core competency. We sell general MRO, Fasteners, Safety, Machinery and so much more. In addition, we have locations in Fort Wayne, Evansville, Texas, North Carolina, along with people in multiple other states and Mexico.

I take a lot of pride in this rich history. The best part of the growth of the company is not the buildings, the locations, the different divisions or anything else for that matter…It is the people! If not for the fantastic team we have assembled, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are known as the leader in our industry from multiple lines and associations.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, I hope each of you take as much pride in our growth as I do…this is because, without our team we couldn’t have grown to be the company we are today. When you sell the products, process the orders, process the invoices, ship the products, work on the website or much more… understand you are adding to a growing history of a growing company.

I thank each of you and wish you all a happy 45th Anniversary .

Jeff Haggard

Vice President of Sales