In 1967, when I first began working in the industrial distribution field, I never imagined the market would become what it is today. I liken Amazon to a giant gorilla who is attempting to dominate the retail and wholesale industrial markets; they are definitely changing our industry. The Millennials are the catalyst which is driving […]

What do Atari Pong, HBO, Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow and Haggard & Stocking have in common? Have it figured out? If you guessed that they were all born in 1972 and turn 45 years old this year then you are correct. A lot has changed in those 45 years. We started out as a two-man […]

Haggard & Stocking is honored once again to receive the Top Work Places award for the 5th year running. Haggard & Stocking has always been a company that values service and a family atmosphere. We know our continued growth and successes have come from the hard work and commitment of our dedicated employees.  Haggard & Stocking […]

Maybe I’m just old fashion, but there is still a lot to be said for “real customer service”. What companies pass along as customer service today falls well short of my expectations. Let me relay a personal experience that I’m currently dealing with. I was a loyal customer with a large cable company I will […]

In today’s competitive market place, the term “value” is certainly used a lot. Customers desire the “best value proposition“ and ask us to document value. I find value is one of those elusive terms that has various meanings among the masses. Value, according to Webster (an offline dictionary), means a fair return in money, goods, […]

Since the time of our youth most of us were taught the need for humility. I specifically remember my grandmother stating, “No one likes a bragger.” Quite frankly, I still agree with her as most times in my life when we come across someone that is loud and boastful we are turned off and look […]