Maybe I’m just old fashion, but there is still a lot to be said for “real customer service”. What companies pass along as customer service today falls well short of my expectations. Let me relay a personal experience that I’m currently dealing with. I was a loyal customer with a large cable company I will […]

In today’s competitive market place, the term “value” is certainly used a lot. Customers desire the “best value proposition“ and ask us to document value. I find value is one of those elusive terms that has various meanings among the masses. Value, according to Webster (an offline dictionary), means a fair return in money, goods, […]

Since the time of our youth most of us were taught the need for humility. I specifically remember my grandmother stating, “No one likes a bragger.” Quite frankly, I still agree with her as most times in my life when we come across someone that is loud and boastful we are turned off and look […]

I am pleased we are beginning a new fiscal quarter as Jan – Mar was sluggish. The Industrial Supply Association posted a “no growth” cycle for Feb ‘17 and that is consistent with what I have seen in the marketplace. Why is the Industrial MRO market down, you ask? I am uncertain, though I have […]

Some of you may be aware that I have been on a big health kick since I had an awakening at my 50th birthday. Even though I was a high school and college athlete I had let myself get completely out of shape and over weight. I knew that I was not leading a healthy […]

Moving into the 4th Quarter of 2016, there is much activity in the marketplace. On multiple occasions I have expressed my observations regarding Indiana’s manufacturing strength, especially with automotive & medical device manufacturers. Although business conditions always seem to reflect cyclical growth patterns, Indiana’s business diversity is a real economic strength. Most of us are […]