About US

Who We Are

Founded in 1972 as a manufacturing representative firm, Haggard & Stocking Associates, Inc., has enjoyed more than 35 years of consistent growth in the distribution business.

High-quality products and impeccable service, along with a customer-driven philosophy, have made us one of the Midwest’s largest and most respected industrial suppliers.

We’ve continued to diversify, too – expanding our product lines and service capabilities to meet changing demands. Customer requests, reflecting new attitudes toward partnering, vendor reduction, and single-sourcing, have in fact opened up many new growth opportunities for us.

We’re based in Indianapolis. But we also have full-time branches in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Waco, Texas. Beyond that, we maintain facilities in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and other states – keeping us close to the far-flung customers we serve. This has required a substantial investment on our part. Given our philosophy of personalized service and the solemn commitment we made to our customers at the start, it’s an investment we’ve happily made!

As we grow, we continue to “keep it personal,” always taking the time and effort to get to know and understand our customers. That’s why we’re able to build a program unique to each customer’s needs and operating environment. Our creative people – and that includes our owners – get involved and stay involved with each customer over the long haul.

We’ll do that with you, too, applying our experience and expertise to help you improve your bottom line.

What We Do

Haggard & Stocking supplies the industrial marketplace with everything from general MRO products to highly technical tooling used in precision industrial machinery. We service the automotive, aerospace, foundry, machine tool, airline, heavy transportation, rail, woodworking, and metal fabrication markets with the most advanced product and technical support available today.

Our primary products include: cutting tools; bonded, coated, and super abrasives; band saw blades; vibratory and deburring equipment; coolants; and products relative to material handling and safety. We represent more than 750 top manufacturers and maintain a multi-million-dollar inventory.

Since our inception, we’ve encouraged our customers to bring us their problem applications and let us be their problem-solvers. Our specialty? Developing solutions that help customers cut costs.

We also deliver on time and on budget, using either our own delivery fleet or one of a variety of carriers with whom we ship daily. Most of our orders we fulfill within 24 hours of receipt.

For all your distribution needs, it just makes sense to contact Haggard & Stocking.